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Average age of coming out for teens drops to 13.
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This is really great news. It will be very interesting to see if it brings down the teen suicide rate as well.

The religious right are fighting a loosing battle. I think if we can get through the next decade or two of idiocy we just may end up with the age of secular humanism. Doubt it though.

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2 Comments to “Average age of coming out for teens drops to 13.”

  1. rupert says:

    well you know richard, i think that children can be influenced greatly jurin puberty, so that i my self was so strait i made a 180 degree line look crukidebefore i started listening to yeast radio, i did start to contact my gay side, ok i’m not gay but ithink bringing children into a gay culture makes a big difference.

  2. Andy Melton says:

    Would be nice if more people could actually come out. Too bad some people are stuck in the god dammed bible belt.