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UPDATE: just found out about this: Just to let you know- while google finally did reinstate my gmail account late Saturday, they did not fully reinstate my google plus account. They re-enabled my account only to the extent that I can log into it but I cannot post anything at all. This is of […]

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unpostable last google+ post

UPDATE: google+ would not allow this to be posted, ironically enough. This will be my last post on Google+. This morning google cancelled my account for an unspecified TOS violation. This would have been upsetting but not the end of the world. What was the end of the world, however, was that they also disabled […]

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I think today’s seniors are the last generation who will be able to retire. In American we barely have healthcare, have no mandatory vacation, and soon we won’t be able to retire. This is freedom. Support WordPress Sponsors: generic levitra from canada, overnight cialis online overnight, on sale cialis on sale

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OK so Google+ is nice I guess, but it’s just making the problem worse: If I have something I want to share, I have to do more and more things to accomplish that, depending on what kind of a thought it is: Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc. SOcial networking is getting too messy for me. It […]

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here are some notes I took while editing a scene for a client just to give you an idea… UPDATE: To be fair I need to tell you about one feature of FCPx that I love: the new video scopes are amazing and better than I have seen on any other NLE. fcp x no […]