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I’m a real person so you get personal experience from someone who has over a decade of solid Mac, media, and networking experience.
If you have a problem with your Mac, then I am your guy.
If you need to upgrade your Mac but don’t want to do it yourself, then I am your guy.
If you can’t figure out how to get all of your devices to talk to each other, that’s me too.
If you are a video editing type business and need to make your machines talk to each other and share everything, I’m your guy.
***I specialize in setting up shared FCPX networks so that editing stations can share media from a server without having an expensive SAN***
Also, if you are having issues with your ISP, and you want me to talk to them for you and help figure out the problem, I can do that too.
To give you an idea of how well I know Apple products, I bought AAPL when it was $10.40 per share!

Give me a call 786.577.8FIX (786.577.8349) and let me know what I can help you out with.