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Just look at today’s Supreme Court decision to lift campaign finance limits. This decision was made along party lines with the court’s four liberals dissenting. ALL FIVE of the majority opinion were judges appointed by Republican presidents. So now corporations have even more control thanks to the court whose majority was created by Republican presidents. […]

I’m beginning to wonder if Ahmadinejad is despised in the same way an un-selfaware person hates the acquaintance who visibly displays his own worst personality traits. For example, people who are impatient waiting for the cashier at the CVS annoy me but I do the exact same thing. This is know in certain circles as […]

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…between a Republican and a Democrat? Both allow corporations to fasciastly run the state: His achievement required political clout, and that, too, is on display. Soon after he formed Citigroup, Congress repealed a Depression-era law that prohibited goliaths like the one Weill had just put together anyway, combining commercial and investment banking, insurance and stock […]

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