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Disgusting: The President of Columbia University is Trying to Discipline Students for Protesting the Minutemen’s Founder’s Speech
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Read the entire memo linked below. It’s disgusting. THis minutemen group is far too powerful. Theyr’re basically a group of volunteer Republican volunteer thugs who get to do whatever the hell they want with respect to law enforcement.

Oct. 12 Statement by University President Lee Bollinger – News
The investigation into the disruption continues. This week, Senior Vice Provost Stephen Rittenberg, who serves as rules administrator, will send letters to students who have been identified to date as having participated in acts that might have violated the Rules of University Conduct. In the letters, Dr. Rittenberg will inform students that they may face charges of rules violations and ask them to meet with him. I have noted before the need not to prejudge the actions of any individuals; the University Rules have established standards and procedures that provide for a thorough review and hearing to ensure that all members of the community are treated fairly. This, like free speech, is a core value of the University.

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