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violinists stevie nicks

There is so much to love about this video, but the thing I love the most is the violinists in the background. Everyone except them is dressed up like cool rock and rollers, with loads of makeup and teenage clothes on 50-something men. The violinists, however, are dressed up like they’re going to meet a […]

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richard bluestein computer therapy mac fcpx networking

It seems like there is so much click bait around these days. There is the list headline click bait. I guess because people would rather skim than read, they jump right to lists because it means they can know stuff without actually having to read anything except headlines of each item on the list. What […]

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So if taxis want to successfully compete with Uber and the like, they’re going to have to do a few things differently: Stop peeing in Mountain Dew bottles in their cabs. Passengers can smell it. Arrive within a reasonable amount of time. Uber cars come much faster than taxis. Stop ripping people off. Who do […]