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I told my group project team I would be in at 11am today to work on flash cards. But I woke up at 11:15 and now I’m finally on my way to school at 1pm. This shit is really fucking hard. I’m certain it will be worth it in the end but right now it’s […]

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I was just thinking that perhaps Dev Bootcamp should start targeting the senior citizen demographic. You could market it as “Programming staves off Alzheimer’s disease. Keep your brain busy!” With this they could have nice pictures of old people in a nursing home with laptops and the eternal sun shining through the windows… waiting to […]

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Steve Jobs was famous for knowing what customers want before they know for themselves. However, now that Jobs is dead, Apple doesn’t know what it’s customers want. Perhaps Apple should start asking them.

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Dictators LOVE to give hi fives, just like at the first day of Dev Bootcamp camp!

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CSS MORE FUN 9/6/13 inventory pages, etc (wireframe) note the behavior you want to your CSS (i.e. header keep it low always) inspiration CSS zen garden Pattern Tap Unmatched Style wire framing! WIREFRAME.CC responsive design: ⁃ web content that response to device or viewport ⁃ boston globe good eample ⁃ use css media queries CSS […]