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FACEBOOK IS OFFICIALLY OVER, as is social networking in general. This National Socialist Networking site operates on the premise that we need them more than they need us. Well get fucked. Facebook was an annoying waste of time that serves no purpose whatsoever other than to fill lonely spiritually deficient americans’ empty minds and time. […]

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Please feel free to masturbate to my new sexy video newscast which includes plenty of gratuitous booby and bootie. You will love it and learn about the world as you wank the thing! 

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BBC NEWS | Technology | Hacker unlocks iTunes protection Hacker unlocks iTunes protection A hacker claims to have circumvented the code that prevents music downloaded from Apple’s iTunes store being played on non-Apple digital players. Apple has not commented on claims Jon Lech Johansen has “reverse engineered” Apple’s copy-protection system. Tracks using the system cannot […]

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What’s more important: The fact that tens or hundres of human beings died today in Iraq, Darfur, and Afghanistan today due to war that could have been prevented OR that Apple updated its MacBook Pros with new chips today?

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LOL ROFL ROML! Secret Notes – Small number of “Video iPods” infected with Windows virus Small number of “Video iPods” infected with Windows virus October 17, 2006 – According to a note on Apple’s support pages, a small number of fifth-generation iPods have shipped with the Windows virus RavMonE.exe. advertisement Apple says the iPods left […]

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“Isn’t China just darling and hip? I know: let’s name and color our new ipod after the totalitarian communist state that manufacturs them!” -Steven P.”Pigtoe” Jobs

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If a company really wants to displace the ipod, it should manufacture it in a country other than china and market the hell out of that fact.

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ANyone have the financial report on the Global Fund to Fight AIDS? I’m curious to know how much of the 5% of the price of the chic ipod actually goes to people with AIDS. Do you think maybe it would be better for people to give $200 to the an AIDS charitiy directly instead of […]

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So I look at the podcast page of the itunes mucus store today and I see that there’s a portion of the main page dedicated to politics- 3 portions Republicans, Democrats and political commentary. And guess what show wasn’t mentioned on the two pages of politicial commentary, Yeast Radio? WHAT? I have fucking had it […]