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from Open Congress blog: … The Intellectual Property Enhanced Criminal Enforcement Act of 2007, was introduced on July 24th and it could easily be ready for a vote before Bush’s six months of warrantless spying are over. Here’s how it works: Besides increasing penalties for all kinds of copyright infringement, the bill adds a new […]

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I wonder what Apple’s upcoming manufactured rumour of the next overhyped piece of junk will be. Perhaps an iStockticker? Someday, Jobs will learn the tremendous damage unhappy customers can cause.

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Apple’s hardware has become as bad as Microsoft’s software, if not worse.

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Let us not forget, when obsessing about the latest hyped up product of slave labour, that its only possible choice of provider is a traitorous scum of a corporation.…/2006/04/70619…-and-riaa.html They are also starting to censor their network:…ck=1&cset=true So much for net neutrality.…tt_for_he.html…mpaa-and-riaa/…5-10-nsa_x.htm…,5531531.story

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Freedom of speech is just that. First of all, the so called ‘A-list’ bloggers are for the most part a bunch of constipated fat dweebs who think when they discover something, that they are the first to have conquered the new territory in question. Example: Twitter. It’s what livejournal was in 2000 only with Twitter, […]

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I agree with Winer here wholeheartedly. The big question is why has Time magazine become one giant ad for Apple? Do they share many board members or interests? Scripting News: 1/13/2007 I don’t believe for a minute that Jobs’s closed-box approach to cell phones is the right one. Growth is driven by choice. The Internet […]

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Someone’s going to get a bunch of justifiably angry emails from the Videoblogging Group tonight.Imagine if a website launched…and they simply reposted blog posts from Boing Boing, Scobleizer, Engadget, etc. These kind of sites are called “splogs”. Any funded site knows this is a no no.But new video hosting companies are still all learning that […]

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Umm did I miss something? When did LaPorte become one of the founders of the medium of Podcasting… seriously. Laporte’s Podcast Agenda Don’t Screw It Up Laporte is the host of the smash-hit podcast TWiT (This Week in Technology), which is downloaded millions of times each time it is released into cyberspace. But beyond being […]