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from Open Congress blog:

The Intellectual Property Enhanced Criminal Enforcement Act of 2007, was introduced on July 24th and it could easily be ready for a vote before Bush’s six months of warrantless spying are over. Here’s how it works:

Besides increasing penalties for all kinds of copyright infringement, the bill adds a new crime to the list that would be punished equally: “attempted” copyright infringement. Anyone who “attempts” to infringe copyrights (a charge so vague that it could apply to almost anyone) could be tried and put in jail, but before that, they could have their computer confiscated and be immediately subjected to a wiretap. The attempted copyright infringement clause amends Titles 17 and 18 of U.S.Code and subjects it to Section 2516:

(1) The Attorney General, Deputy Attorney General, Associate
Attorney General,(!1) or any Assistant Attorney General, any acting
Assistant Attorney General, or any Deputy Assistant Attorney
General or acting Deputy Assistant Attorney General in the Criminal
Division specially designated by the Attorney General, may
authorize an application to a Federal judge of competent
jurisdiction for, and such judge may grant in conformity with
section 2518 of this chapter an order authorizing or approving the
interception of wire or oral communications by the Federal Bureau
of Investigation, or a Federal agency having responsibility for the
investigation of the offense as to which the application is made,
when such interception may provide or has provided evidence of –

It goes on to explain that it applies to Federal Felonies, which copyright infringement is and attempted copyright infringement would be.


2 Comments to “Very Important”

  1. P C Walker says:

    Judging from the lack of action for the side of the people by the democratically controlled Congress, I seriously doubt that the spying issue will go away when Bush leaves office. This sounds like they really want to put a lot of people in jail. If everyone’s in jail, then how will Americans buy more useless crap like 20 inch wheels and headlight covers (on credit no less) for their car that won’t last them six months (also on credit).

  2. Tyler says:

    Update your damn blog richard