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Just look at today’s Supreme Court decision to lift campaign finance limits. This decision was made along party lines with the court’s four liberals dissenting. ALL FIVE of the majority opinion were judges appointed by Republican presidents. So now corporations have even more control thanks to the court whose majority was created by Republican presidents. […]

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I rarely do this, but I’m afraid I have to side with the Republicans on this issue. I have lived through one of these Union “elections” a few years ago when working for a local hospital. To say that this union used heavy handed techniques to “swing” the vote is a dramatic understatement. The union […]

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The nerve of this SHIT propaganda trash to put this war mongering yellow journalism on the front page. NYTIMES NEEDS TO GO DOWN. WASHINGTON, Feb. 14 — President Bush said today he is certain that elements of the Iranian government are supplying deadly roadside bombs that kill American troops in Iraq, even if the innermost […]

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The Washington Monthly LEHRER: Let me ask you a bottom-line question, Mr. President. If it is as important as you’ve just said — and you’ve said it many times — as all of this is, particularly the struggle in Iraq, if it’s that important to all of us and to the future of our country, […]

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Random News From Iran: Bush Speech Hints at Possibility of War with Iran (NPR) “Ted Koppel, NPR senior news analyst, says he thinks the United States is actively preparing for the possibility of war with Iran. A top military officer told him as much, but it did not sink in until he heard President Bush’s […]

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Disinformation :: Fight the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act The Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (AETA) (S.3880) defines as “terrorism” causing any business classified as an “animal enterprise” (e.g., factory farms, fur farms, vivisection labs, rodeos, zoos and circuses) to suffer a profit loss and is punishable by a long prison sentence — even if the company’s […]

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Slashdot | Bush Signs Bill Enabling Martial Law An anonymous reader writes to point us to an article on the meaning of a new law that President Bush signed on Oct. 17. It seems to allow the President to impose martial law on any state or territory, using federal troops and/or the state’s own, or […]

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AMERICAblog: A blog for a great nation that deserves the truth Isn’t that convenient. Right before the elections the Saudis suddenly decide to help lower oil prices. Now why is that? Oh yeah, I remember: In an interview that aired Sunday on CBS, Woodward, a Washington Post editor, said that Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to the […]

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Lost Wars and a Lost Economy President Bush and his neocon nazis have simultaneously lost two wars and America’s economic future. Last Friday’s payroll jobs report was a continuation of Bush’s dismal record. Only 59,000 net new private sector jobs were created during September. That is about 90,000 less than would be needed to stay […]

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‘Just a Comma’ Becomes Part of Iraq Debate – As he heads out on the campaign trail, haunted by an unpopular war, President Bush has begun reassuring audiences that this traumatic period in Iraq will be seen as “just a comma” in the history books. By that, aides say, he means to reinforce his […]

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Secret Reports Dispute White House Optimism On May 22, 2006, President Bush spoke in Chicago and gave a characteristically upbeat forecast: “Years from now, people will look back on the formation of a unity government in Iraq as a decisive moment in the story of liberty, a moment when freedom gained a firm foothold in […]

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Antiterrorism Bill on Detainees, Geneva Conventions – Rushing Off a Cliff – New York Times Republicans say Congress must act right now to create procedures for charging and trying terrorists — because the men accused of plotting the 9/11 attacks are available for trial. That’s pure propaganda. Those men could have been tried and convicted […]