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Blue dog democrats lost mAny seats. Progressives did not. Democratic party is getting more progressive while the democratic president “compromises” and becomes more conservative. More precisely, Obama is doing what his wealthy corporate personage wants him to do: Ignore the electorate. Many non voters see this deception for what it is: Allowi the “consumers” to […]

Just look at today’s Supreme Court decision to lift campaign finance limits. This decision was made along party lines with the court’s four liberals dissenting. ALL FIVE of the majority opinion were judges appointed by Republican presidents. So now corporations have even more control thanks to the court whose majority was created by Republican presidents. […]

This “Message to LGBT Americans” has been floating around for a few days. I think this document is great for reassuring Clinton’s constituents that they are voting for the right candidate, but it does nothing to change my loyalties, which admittedly can (and have) change(d) with the wind. Do you see the word ‘marriage’ anywhere […]