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Why people won’t vote

Blue dog democrats lost mAny seats. Progressives did not. Democratic party is getting more progressive while the democratic president “compromises” and becomes more conservative. More precisely, Obama is doing what his wealthy corporate personage wants him to do: Ignore the electorate. Many non voters see this deception for what it is: Allowi the “consumers” to feel empowered while whomever is in power does whatever the corporations want them to do. Minor social issues are given the appearance of importance in order to facilitate this mirage.

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  1. elton08 says:

    Thank god, The Tea Party rid us of the Blue Dems! There’s too much anger and cynicism about government! Too many people are disconnected from government! If we elect Dems,then Act like a Dems? Maybe, Americans will wake up? And stop eating,this hot corporate, crap!

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