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I wonder what Apple’s upcoming manufactured rumour of the next overhyped piece of junk will be. Perhaps an iStockticker? Someday, Jobs will learn the tremendous damage unhappy customers can cause.

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Apple’s hardware has become as bad as Microsoft’s software, if not worse.

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I would not vote for president. I would vote for the other races, however.

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The greenest consumer doesn’t consume at all.

It happened last month, but somehow it missed major media coverage. Thanks, Xavier, for the link.

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CNN Throws in Towel, Admits to Two Errors, and States That All ‘Sicko’ Facts Are True to Their Source (or something like that)… Moore Realizes All This is Huge Distraction and Then Spends More Precious Time Thanking Paris Hilton for Seeing ‘Sicko’… Meanwhile, More than 300 Americans Die Because They Had No Health Insurance During […]

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An execution cannot be used to condemn killing. Such an act by the state is the mirror image of the criminal’s willingness to use physical violence against a victim. Additionally, all criminal justice systems are vulnerable to discrimination and error. No system is or could conceivably be capable of deciding fairly, consistently and infallibly who […]

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Please watch this important slide show.

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A well seasoned iron pan eliminates the need for toxic non-stick coating. It is also cheaper.

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…between a Republican and a Democrat? Both allow corporations to fasciastly run the state: His achievement required political clout, and that, too, is on display. Soon after he formed Citigroup, Congress repealed a Depression-era law that prohibited goliaths like the one Weill had just put together anyway, combining commercial and investment banking, insurance and stock […]

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Enough already about Lady Turd Johnson. SHE CAN’T HEAR YOU!

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How is this news?

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Yay. THe world i so great. The guy that ran over a cab driver with his own cab in a crystal meth rage two years ago is sitting right outside of this caribou (near broadway and newport in Chicago) enjoying the weather from a comfy bench. Anyone who says you can’t get away with murder […]