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Re: payment is rejected- why? – Refno: 161140755 (KMM5921822I56L0KM) “element 5 (CS)” to me 1:12 pm (1 hour ago) Dear Customer, Thank you for your message. We apologize that we have not been able to process your card (MasterCard) successfully for your purchase No. 161140755. As our system is processed entirely through electronic requests, our […]

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To say that I am unhappy with the service that I get from citibank/mastercard is an understatement. When I’m at home in the USA everything works fine. I can use the card, which by the way, represents *MY* money not Citibanks, to pay for whatever I want. However, when using my Citibank card while abroad. […]

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I had to do this for a conference and thought I’d post it in case someone wants to encorporate it into my wikipedia bio. I don’t touch my wikipedia bio, nor did I write it in the first place, since people go off on you for that. Richard Bluestein is a podcaster primarily known for […]

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