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VMWare Fusion vs. Parallels? They made the choise for me!
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Re: payment is rejected- why? – Refno: 161140755 (KMM5921822I56L0KM)
“element 5 (CS)”
to me

1:12 pm (1 hour ago)
Dear Customer,

Thank you for your message.

We apologize that we have not been able to process your card
(MasterCard) successfully for your purchase No. 161140755. As our
system is processed entirely through electronic requests, our credit
card service returns a simple message to us when a credit card cannot be
authorized to simply state “card declined.”

As we understand that a statement so simple as this can be easily
misunderstood, we would like to comment on the impersonal nature of
electronic transactions, and apologize for any misunderstanding.

Additionally, we ask that you allow for the possibility that there may
have been a broken or unavailable connection from our service to the
credit card processing service that returned this message to us.

Please let us know if you would like us to try your card again for this
purchase in case such a broken connection occurred. In this case kindly
provide us with your card?s expiry date for verification purposes.
Please do not send any other credit card details by e-mail due to
security reasons.

Thank you very much for your cooperation.


Rob M.
Your element 5 Team

element 5 – a service of digital river –
Digital River GmbH
Vogelsanger Str. 78, D-50823 Cologne, Germany
CEO: John Strosahl
Corporate Headquarters: Cologne / HRB 56188 / Cologne Local Court
Original Message Follows:
REF ID: 161140755
From: richard bluestein

My payment has been rejected. It says it was unable to process my credit
card but it did not say why. I have contacted the bank and they assure
me my account is in good standing and has no holds or blocks on the
card. Could you please explain in detail why you will not accept my
payment for your product? I have verified all the information for the
card and it is correct. Thank you.

Additional Info for Customer Service
REASON: General information on order processing > Other
ESD | 1 | North & South America

Your message has been sent.

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Richard Bluestein
to element

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2:37 pm (0 minutes ago)
I already tried twice to use my credit card and even tried paypal. I called my card company (Citibank mastercard) and they said my account is fine. I really don’t feel it’s right for me to have to fight to be able to buy something, so I will instead purchase VMware’s fusioin. At least they let me pay them for stuff!
Richard Bluestein
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2 Comments to “VMWare Fusion vs. Parallels? They made the choise for me!”

  1. LEE says:

    Aye, I was also rejected, checked my accounts, and they’re well & beefy. I have Parallels 2 installed, and post OS Leopard installation, require Parallels 3…

    Almost makes you want to google “Parallels 3 serial number”! But instead you should choose to use Bootcamp like I did, it’s free!

  2. Andy Melton says:

    Why did I not respond to this sooner? I really need to get back into reading my Google Reader & clean out crap content that makes me not want to read it. Anyways. Play with VirtualBox. It’s free!

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