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Europe talks about avoiding global financial collapse but austerity IS global financial collapse for most people and the media buys into the idea that global financial collapse for RICH PEOPLE is the only collapse that means anything. It’s all based on the idea that trickle-down economics works. It does not. It’s like there are two […]

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Just to let you know so you don’t have to spend hours searching for this like I did: You cannot do audio only transitions in FCPX. There is a work around: via @hdedition on Twitter hdedition: @bloatedlesbian Use two seperate Audio layers and indiivdually cross fade the end/beginning of each one. Need workarounds at this […]

Some things are really fucking obvious, but in America that just means Fox News has more work to do. In a for-profit healthcare system, such as the one we have now, private insurance companies only insure people with whom they can earn a profit. Therefore, they will not insure high-risk customers. In such a situation […]