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FACEBOOK IS OFFICIALLY OVER, as is social networking in general. This National Socialist Networking site operates on the premise that we need them more than they need us. Well get fucked. Facebook was an annoying waste of time that serves no purpose whatsoever other than to fill lonely spiritually deficient americans’ empty minds and time. […]

I’m beginning to wonder if Ahmadinejad is despised in the same way an un-selfaware person hates the acquaintance who visibly displays his own worst personality traits. For example, people who are impatient waiting for the cashier at the CVS annoy me but I do the exact same thing. This is know in certain circles as […]

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Tracey Repep Being Transformed into Tippi Hedren Originally uploaded by YeastRadio If you’re into Chicago you won’t want to miss this year’s staging of David Cerda and Handbag Production’s deconstruction of Hitchcock’s The BIrds. See for details.

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I haven’t been blogging much. There’s not much to say about the world except that the Democrats are not standing up to Bush. No excuses. We see through your grandstanding and your bullshit. The Democrats, as a whole, are not standing up to Bush. The hole is all that matters in this. That’s all.

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america at war Originally uploaded by YeastRadio

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our lady of mt. prolyps Originally uploaded by YeastRadio