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Corporate White House Latches On To BioFuels As Just Another Way To Steal | CorrenteWire: In a week of tumultuous revelations about White House involvement in the firings of eight US Attorneys for political reasons, the “true confessionsâ€? of Khalid Sheik Muhammad for all crimes committed against the United States and the world at large […]

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And why on earth does the NYTimes not actually report anything here instead of just cutting and pasting press releases and transcripts? “The e-mail does not directly contradict nor is it inconsistent with Karl’s recollection that after the 2004 election, Harriet Miers raised a question of replacing all the U.S. attorneys and he believed it […]

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The nerve of this SHIT propaganda trash to put this war mongering yellow journalism on the front page. NYTIMES NEEDS TO GO DOWN. WASHINGTON, Feb. 14 — President Bush said today he is certain that elements of the Iranian government are supplying deadly roadside bombs that kill American troops in Iraq, even if the innermost […]

Court Rules for Wal-Mart in Maryland Suit – New York Times A federal appeals court ruled today that Maryland violated federal law when it required Wal-Mart Stores to increase spending on employee health insurance, in a decision that appears likely to end a bitter yearlong legal battle that pitted state legislators, organized labor and health […]

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Based on this administration’s past communications, this is practially an admission of guilt. She doesn’t remember being warned. What about saying “I was not warned.” By the way this is in response to John Woodward’s book in which George Tenet accuses Lice of blowing off a huge warning of an imminent al Qaeda attack. Rice […]

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Detainee Memo Created Divide in White House – New York Times In June 2005, two senior national security officials in the Bush administration came together to propose a sweeping new approach to the growing problems the United States was facing with the detention, interrogation and prosecution of terrorism suspects. In a nine-page memorandum, the two […]