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Condi Didn’t Exactly Deny It
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Based on this administration’s past communications, this is practially an admission of guilt. She doesn’t remember being warned. What about saying “I was not warned.”

By the way this is in response to John Woodward’s book in which George Tenet accuses Lice of blowing off a huge warning of an imminent al Qaeda attack.

Rice Questions Account of Qaeda Warning – New York Times
In her first direct comments about the book, Secretary Rice told reporters traveling with her to the Middle East on Sunday night that she did not believe there had ever been such an exchange with Mr. Tenet.

Nor, she said, did she remember if she even met with Mr. Tenet in the White House on July 10, 2001, the date identified in Mr. Woodward’s book, “State of Denial,� which went on sale last weekend. Ms. Rice was President Bush’s national security adviser at that time.

“I don’t recall a so-called emergency meeting,� she continued, adding that “it was not unusual that George and I would meet, in a sense, unscheduled� in the White House, especially during such a tense period.

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