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LOL ROFL ROML! Secret Notes – Small number of “Video iPods” infected with Windows virus Small number of “Video iPods” infected with Windows virus October 17, 2006 – According to a note on Apple’s support pages, a small number of fifth-generation iPods have shipped with the Windows virus RavMonE.exe. advertisement Apple says the iPods left […]

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I wouldn’t rule it out!

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“Isn’t China just darling and hip? I know: let’s name and color our new ipod after the totalitarian communist state that manufacturs them!” -Steven P.”Pigtoe” Jobs

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ANyone have the financial report on the Global Fund to Fight AIDS? I’m curious to know how much of the 5% of the price of the chic ipod actually goes to people with AIDS. Do you think maybe it would be better for people to give $200 to the an AIDS charitiy directly instead of […]

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So I look at the podcast page of the itunes mucus store today and I see that there’s a portion of the main page dedicated to politics- 3 portions Republicans, Democrats and political commentary. And guess what show wasn’t mentioned on the two pages of politicial commentary, Yeast Radio? WHAT? I have fucking had it […]