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Chase ATM’s Use Windows Originally uploaded by YeastRadio

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I found it interesting that Merril Lynch is sponsoring the excellent gay podcast, In the Life TV Does anyone know of other gay podcasts with large corporate benefactors?

The Queen’s new YouTube channel proves that she has changed the status of the Windsor family from Upper Class to white trash in less than one lifetime. Hilarious.

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A lot of people, most of whom are not geeks or vloggers or podcasters, tell me, “I don’t know what to watch” with respect to videoblogs. So I made this. it’s just a simple list of episodes, NOT vlogs or feeds, that I liked and think others would like as well. For me this is […]

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31 Shots to the chest and head from the Iraqi “National Guard.” Hardly sounds like an accident. More info from the source: Please consider donating to the family on the above link.

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Thanks for the responses. I feel much better now.

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OK So I admit being an overly sensitive self-involved nut job but I choose this moment to elaborate. I had a ‘skype call-in show’ today and nobody called. To be perfectly frank, it hurt my feelings. Before I go further, let me disclose a few things: 1) I shouldn’t be writing this because it is […]

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So I’ve been doing fewer Eclectic News Briefs and more Ax Madge episodes. The reason is two-fold. A) It’s easier to write ax madge. and B) I get more feedback and positive reactions from Ax Madge. I may faze out ENB altogether. It is a ton of work and while it generates many many downloads […]