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UPDATE: just found out about this: Just to let you know- while google finally did reinstate my gmail account late Saturday, they did not fully reinstate my google plus account. They re-enabled my account only to the extent that I can log into it but I cannot post anything at all. This is of […]

here are some notes I took while editing a scene for a client just to give you an idea… UPDATE: To be fair I need to tell you about one feature of FCPx that I love: the new video scopes are amazing and better than I have seen on any other NLE. fcp x no […]

Some things are really fucking obvious, but in America that just means Fox News has more work to do. In a for-profit healthcare system, such as the one we have now, private insurance companies only insure people with whom they can earn a profit. Therefore, they will not insure high-risk customers. In such a situation […]

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I’m so embarrassed that I as Madge Weinstein used to don a Godaddy tank top to advertise their services. I used to have my own discount codes which my long term audience knows were very very annoying to listen to. Because of this I feel the need to un-recommend Godaddy. If you don’t know why, […]

Blue dog democrats lost mAny seats. Progressives did not. Democratic party is getting more progressive while the democratic president “compromises” and becomes more conservative. More precisely, Obama is doing what his wealthy corporate personage wants him to do: Ignore the electorate. Many non voters see this deception for what it is: Allowi the “consumers” to […]

I believe that years from now historians will refer to the time in which we are living as the “Post-Bush Era.” Post-Bush because Bush will be seen as the idiot who fucked up everything. Hopefully there will be another era after this period, but who knows what crazy shit finna happen next? But it will […]

I just watched the Bad Romance video for the first time today, yes today December 31, 2009. I totally get why Lady Gaga is so popular now. DUH! Textbook unresolved Oedipus complex sold to gay men via bathhouse metaphor. DUH! Next pop pls.

The bill sucks a lot and keeps getting to suck more but in its current form it provides middle and low income people with billions in subsidies to help pay for coverage. Also, it eliminates the ability of insurance companies to refuse coverage for pre-existing conditions. CUrrently coverage can and usually is refused for disorders […]

OK so I’ve been thinking about this all day. First of all, a caveat: I may completely contradict opinions that I have held as recently as this morning. My mind often changes, but I’m just trying to figure this all out… aloud. If we blame the politicians, it gets us nowhere. Just about all of […]

…but this lady in front of me kept making the cashier remove and add items while she sorted her coupons.

My friend often speaks of obesity as an agressive act. I am on the 78 montrose bus. I was sitting comfortably in my seat when a member of said farkenspestulance sat on the seat in front of me, doing so with no sympathy whatsoever for his seat. It crushed my knees. 50 years ago this […]

Mess, Andy Melton is still fat. You were supposed to help him loose weight but you FAILED MISERABLY. I can see why your boss hated you. You probably didn’t do your work. And seriously, do you think I would *ever* operate my show(s) based on what one person thought/said? We started censoring the comments on […]

The Queen’s new YouTube channel proves that she has changed the status of the Windsor family from Upper Class to white trash in less than one lifetime. Hilarious.