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Who to Blame?

OK so I’ve been thinking about this all day. First of all, a caveat: I may completely contradict opinions that I have held as recently as this morning. My mind often changes, but I’m just trying to figure this all out… aloud.

If we blame the politicians, it gets us nowhere. Just about all of them are corporate sell-outs. It seems to me that the corporations (lobbyists) are strong arming these politicians pretty hard to get them to obey them over their constituents. Who knows what’s really going on? Are the corps. threatening politicians with something other than campaign funding? It certainly seems to be within the realm of possibility.

But then the American people are just as to blame as the pols- at least many millions of them are.

So yeah it’s easy and perhaps fair to blame the politicians and the American people, but Is there a common denominator?

Yes, The corporations are to blame. They’re behind all of the influencing of the politicians and the brainwashing of the American public through advertising, PR, bad TV shows, and fake news.

Corporations are to blame. Their influence is too powerful. Expecting the pols to loose this influence is like expecting inner city youth to get straight A’s and get 1200 SAT scores without changing their schools, parents, or environment.

The corporations- and I mean the ones being evil, which is not all of them- need to be stopped.

That’s the problem. (I think). So how can these huge things be stopped legally and ethically? There’s something to ponder.

I could be way off here- so feel free to disagree or say whatever you want in the comments. LIke I wrote up there. I’m just trying to figure it all out.

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  1. Maxwell says:

    keith, it’s not about rising up; plpeoe are like hand that punches and then withdrawls.sigmond freud wrote that a small percentage of a society has to be mean and angry so the rest can be fat and happy.I stopped protesting myself since I met way too many protesters who had made huge economic claims (salaries, pensions, etc…) and then called corporations, etc…, greedy even though the heart of corporations, etc…, are our needs.anyway, it’s a wonderful illusion to think someone else is guilty; it makes us happy;

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