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I’m a newbie so this may be wrong. feel free to correct me. Just writing it here so I can remember it: I found lots of info on the web on how to create a HABM relationship but I could find very little info on how to create records using this relationship. This is my […]

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Not that Apple cares but I feel like it’s time to state the obvious again. So last year, you may recall a bit of a fiasco when ios6 was released due to the disastrous new Apple maps app. I’m afraid we may be about to experience something similar with IOS7’s imminent release. They say that […]

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Google everything, idiot.

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II:30 PM got home. Time only for a quick bowl of chili which thankfully my family left out for me followed by a bowl of froyo with peanut butter mixed in. Now in bed typing this, hoping to get 6 hours of sleep. Last night I slept about 4 hours and then woke up and […]

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First Day of DevBootcamp Oy vey. I have to write this now in case I forget my first impressions… which were very impressive! So I rode my bike and arrived disgusting and sweaty. I thought I would have time to change shirts before class but the Starbucks line took forever because there were two PARISIANS […]