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First Day of DevBootcamp Oy vey. I have to write this now in case I forget my first impressions… which were very impressive! So I rode my bike and arrived disgusting and sweaty. I thought I would have time to change shirts before class but the Starbucks line took forever because there were two PARISIANS […]

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I sit here at a cafe in my last month of Paris after having lived here for more than six months. I should have loved it but I did not. There is a charm to it but thanks to my constant anxiety slash panic it has been too hard. Strange considering that I have a […]

lots of money on all these new consumer devices including a line of tablets which didn’t even exist until now. Oh and don’t forget all this ridiculous 3D crap. New camcorders, new TV’s, new cable dishes. New shit galore. By buying all this crap you will be fulfilling your patriot duty as a consumer. (You […]

Another dumbass thing for people to mindlessly discuss whenthey could be talking about matters of consequence. Cupcakes are the new cute nonofensive thing to blog about. evidence:

…but this lady in front of me kept making the cashier remove and add items while she sorted her coupons.