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It seems like there is so much click bait around these days. There is the list headline click bait. I guess because people would rather skim than read, they jump right to lists because it means they can know stuff without actually having to read anything except headlines of each item on the list. What […]

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I was just thinking that perhaps Dev Bootcamp should start targeting the senior citizen demographic. You could market it as “Programming staves off Alzheimer’s disease. Keep your brain busy!” With this they could have nice pictures of old people in a nursing home with laptops and the eternal sun shining through the windows… waiting to […]

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Dictators LOVE to give hi fives, just like at the first day of Dev Bootcamp camp!

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CSS MORE FUN 9/6/13 inventory pages, etc (wireframe) note the behavior you want to your CSS (i.e. header keep it low always) inspiration CSS zen garden Pattern Tap Unmatched Style wire framing! WIREFRAME.CC responsive design: ⁃ web content that response to device or viewport ⁃ boston globe good eample ⁃ use css media queries CSS […]

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Not that Apple cares but I feel like it’s time to state the obvious again. So last year, you may recall a bit of a fiasco when ios6 was released due to the disastrous new Apple maps app. I’m afraid we may be about to experience something similar with IOS7’s imminent release. They say that […]

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First Day of DevBootcamp Oy vey. I have to write this now in case I forget my first impressions… which were very impressive! So I rode my bike and arrived disgusting and sweaty. I thought I would have time to change shirts before class but the Starbucks line took forever because there were two PARISIANS […]

UPDATE: just found out about this: Just to let you know- while google finally did reinstate my gmail account late Saturday, they did not fully reinstate my google plus account. They re-enabled my account only to the extent that I can log into it but I cannot post anything at all. This is of […]

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OK so Google+ is nice I guess, but it’s just making the problem worse: If I have something I want to share, I have to do more and more things to accomplish that, depending on what kind of a thought it is: Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc. SOcial networking is getting too messy for me. It […]

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I’m so embarrassed that I as Madge Weinstein used to don a Godaddy tank top to advertise their services. I used to have my own discount codes which my long term audience knows were very very annoying to listen to. Because of this I feel the need to un-recommend Godaddy. If you don’t know why, […]

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THis is so funny. Perhaps Ableton Live has a built in irony engine. Please note that I have every confidence in Ableton fixing my problem- they are a very good company. I just think it’s too funny not to share: Hello Richard, we are really sorry that this problem has occurred to you! In order […]

Upset as I am about the fading hopes for health care legislation, I think it’s important to focus blame where it belongs the most: On the CEO’s of the evil health care insurance companies who would rather see tens of thousands of people die rather than to sacrifice any money from the bottom line. Blame […]

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This morning, I was reading a rumor about the possibility of a touch screen iMac. Whether or not this rumor is true, it emphasises a possibilty that I’ve been concerned about: What if Apple is slowly migrating the iPhone OS over to all of it’s Macintosh product line? I know you may be thinking that […]

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Tell the FCC and Congress You Support Net Neutrality We got the heads up from John Laesch, Democratic candidate in the special election to replace Dennis Hastert in IL-14. The FCC has made provision for comments from the public on net neutrality, and on John’s request we created a special action page that pipes your […]

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1:31 jtv: Please don’t write obnoxious messages. They will not be sent. You can’t swear on, even though it’s supposedly “Your TV channel,” YOU don’t get to decide what people can say on YOUR chat room. We need to have a discussion on censorship in the moronosphere. is there a site for live video […]

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I spent the past 3 hours navigating through shitty Flash code to get my live station on Mogulus to work. Then once I did, I realized that Mogulus AUTOMATICALLY censors text in the chat rooms. This despite my having marked the channel as for over age 17 only. I hate censorship and will work relentlessly […]

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Re: payment is rejected- why? – Refno: 161140755 (KMM5921822I56L0KM) “element 5 (CS)” to me 1:12 pm (1 hour ago) Dear Customer, Thank you for your message. We apologize that we have not been able to process your card (MasterCard) successfully for your purchase No. 161140755. As our system is processed entirely through electronic requests, our […]

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from Open Congress blog: … The Intellectual Property Enhanced Criminal Enforcement Act of 2007, was introduced on July 24th and it could easily be ready for a vote before Bush’s six months of warrantless spying are over. Here’s how it works: Besides increasing penalties for all kinds of copyright infringement, the bill adds a new […]

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I wonder what Apple’s upcoming manufactured rumour of the next overhyped piece of junk will be. Perhaps an iStockticker? Someday, Jobs will learn the tremendous damage unhappy customers can cause.

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Apple’s hardware has become as bad as Microsoft’s software, if not worse.

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Let us not forget, when obsessing about the latest hyped up product of slave labour, that its only possible choice of provider is a traitorous scum of a corporation.…/2006/04/70619…-and-riaa.html They are also starting to censor their network:…ck=1&cset=true So much for net neutrality.…tt_for_he.html…mpaa-and-riaa/…5-10-nsa_x.htm…,5531531.story

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EVERY year, the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics awards prizes for the best papers presented at its annual conference. Last year’s winner in the nuclear and future flight category went to a paper calling for experimental tests of an astonishing new type of engine. According to the paper, this hyperdrive motor would propel a […]

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Peter van Dijck: MySpace, founded by rather ruthless marketeers and now owned by Murdoch, never had much ethics. Now they’re blocking Photobucket, a company that embeds a LOT of pictures and videos on Myspace pages. Is this when MySpace will finally become uncool?

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