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Gplus Update

UPDATE: just found out about this:

Just to let you know- while google finally did reinstate my gmail account late Saturday, they did not fully reinstate my google plus account. They re-enabled my account only to the extent that I can log into it but I cannot post anything at all.

This is of course shitty because it makes my gplus friends able to contact me but I cannot contact them back, giving the impression that I am ignoring them. It would have been better for them to fully disable my gplus account while leaving my other gmail services intact.

This is just more evidence that google doesn’t know what they fuck they are doing. They are behaving negligently, unaware of how their inconsistent manipulation of people’s accounts with no consistency or communication, affects people’s livelihood.

This should be a lesson to everyone that Google is very very dangerous.

You have been warned. Don’t wait until it happens to you.

I’m so glad that I didn’t fully switch over to google voice as I was planning to when I moved next week. Can you imagine? Google doesn’t like what you post on google plus so you can’t use your phone any more… your “unified inbox.”

I see no need to engage google in dialogue about this. They have gone insane.

Google is behaving like the Chinese government.

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  1. Tbone says:

    This is fully sick I can’t believe they can get away with doing this to people and not have to answer to anyone!

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