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I haven’t been blogging much. There’s not much to say about the world except that the Democrats are not standing up to Bush. No excuses. We see through your grandstanding and your bullshit. The Democrats, as a whole, are not standing up to Bush. The hole is all that matters in this. That’s all.

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I agree with the Divine Ms. B. 100% here: Lady Bunny Blog: DON’T ASK, DON’T GO!: Gays in the military? Honey, gays in the MILLINERY, gays in the MONASTERY, these I understand. But why anyone would want to fight for their right to join the US military now is beyond me. “Let’s go die for […]

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Shows are at 9:00PM Pacific Standard Time, the first half hour of hour 3 of Adam Curry’s Podshow on Sirius Stars Channel 102. Subscribe to Sirius! It’s great- I especially LOVE Playboy Radio, Richard Simmons and of course Howard Stern. NOTE: The Monday and Saturday shows from last week with Ryanne and Jay did not […]

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35,000 in Secret Prisons | CorrenteWire I’m at the Center for American Progress, listening to Sid Blumenthal and Glenn Greenwald talk about the Imperial Presidency, and one thing is important enough for me to want to live blog. Sid says that Wilkerson, Powell’s old chief of staff, believes that the correct number of victims in […]

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About this site « Status of Chinese People This Blog is for westerners. Alert! Maybe you didn’t realize that you’re also the target of Chinese Communist Party’s brainwash effort, not only the Chinese people been targeted. International organization Reporters Without Border said in it’s 2005 special report titled “Xinhua: the world’s biggest propaganda agencyâ€?, that […]