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This Blog is for westerners.

Alert! Maybe you didn’t realize that you’re also the target of Chinese Communist Party’s brainwash effort, not only the Chinese people been targeted.

International organization Reporters Without Border said in it’s 2005 special report titled “Xinhua: the world’s biggest propaganda agencyâ€?, that “nearly one third of the news reports on China selected by Google News originate from the agency – Xinhuaâ€?.

The report remind that although Xinhua “is more and more regularly cited as a credible source� by western medias, actually “Xinhua remains the voice of the sole party�, “particularly during the SARS epidemic, Xinhua has for last few months been putting out news reports embarrassing to the government, but they are designed to fool the international community, since they are not published in Chinese.�

“To fool the international community� ! That’s what the Chinese Communist Party want.

Ø While the Chinese Communist never stop killing Chinese people- one example is the public killing in Dongzhou village in the end of 2005, the other example is the newly exposed large-scale organ seizures from unwilling Falun Gong practitioners

Ø It’s unacceptable that Yahoo, Google and Microsoft assist the Communist regime censor the information on internet

Ø It’s unacceptable that some other western large news agencies repeat Xihua’s brainwash propaganda in the International society

To make more western people get truly accurate information of China, to enlarge the voice of the main parts of Chinese who’s voice is been silenced (although they don’t read English), I setup this Blog to join the effort with all other human rights organizations and Bloggers to do the best I can.

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  1. Andy Melton says:

    I saw the most disturbing image on that blog when I clicked over, a young boy with another person in the cell with him, obviously dead.