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Godaddy Needs to Go On and Get Out of my Face
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I’m so embarrassed that I as Madge Weinstein used to don a Godaddy tank top to advertise their services. I used to have my own discount codes which my long term audience knows were very very annoying to listen to.

Because of this I feel the need to un-recommend Godaddy. If you don’t know why, just google Bob Parsons elephant killing and you will understand. The man is a pig, as if the name of the company is not enough evidence of that.

Plus, their advertising is annoying as hell and excessive. And, I’m tired of their skanky models. Godaddy projects an image of a company that unapologetically objectifies women. It also, through the help of Blob Parsons, exudes an air of man’s superiority over the environment.

I should have done this a long time ago. Godaddy is disgusting.


4 Comments to “Godaddy Needs to Go On and Get Out of my Face”

  1. crabhooves says:

    This post was good but I’m not going to lie it’d be a lot better if you’d used a quick blog instead. I wonder where we can get one of those, preferably free.

    In all seriousness though, I didn’t know any of these things about Go Daddy and won’t renew with them.

  2. their site also bloowwwss .. or blew.. i guess they changed it. i used to get lost there.

  3. vegunn says:

    Thank you Richard! It packs a lot more meaning for someone who has supported them and has to do the pain-in-the-ass work of switching. You’d think with all his money he could come up with a more humane plan, but his giant bully ego shines through.

  4. jon kobeck says:

    I had no idea either. I concur about their annoying ads and your right about their skanky models. And why do their models all look so old? I probably registered over 100 domains with them over the years. No more

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