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Health Care Blame Focus

Upset as I am about the fading hopes for health care legislation, I think it’s important to focus blame where it belongs the most: On the CEO’s of the evil health care insurance companies who would rather see tens of thousands of people die rather than to sacrifice any money from the bottom line. Blame should be places solely on them. That is where the buck stops. Let’s ostracize those motherfuckers to the point at which to take such a job would be just as socially unacceptable as becoming the KKK’s Grand Master. Corporate decapitation.

It should be pretty obvious to anyone with sense, that political party has little effect on the impact that corporations have on America’s government. So why not use that to our advantage, and stop blaming politicans, and focus blame on the CEO’s instead?

Before we even try to fix healthcare we need to fix the corporate influence problem. I don’t think many citizens, whether Republican or Democrat, would disagree with the notion that corporations have way too much power on Government.

So forget about social issues for a while- and all those things we differ on and just focus on this. Then, when corporate influence is where it should be, we will have a level playing field and can then make our society run the way WE THE PEOPLE want it to run, and not the way non human profit-driven corporations would have it.

3 Comments to “Health Care Blame Focus”

  1. Veritable Virgo says:

    Kudos! Richard. Couldn’t have said it any better. It IS indeed high time we held the feet of these motherfuckers to the fire.

  2. The Hotshot says:

    The only flaw I see in your plan is that pro/con for corporation is divided along party lines. So we’d be in pretty much the same spot…I do agree that greedy corporations rule the country.

    When talking about ostracizing those who are employed by insurance companies (not sure whether you meant only ceos), they are only trying to support themselves–and to do that, as you know, sometimes you have to accept a job in an industry you’d rather not be associated.

  3. @hotshot what do you mean that “pro/con for corporation is divided along party lines?” Both parties work more for corporations than for citizens, when talking about actual legisation that gets enacted- not just floor shows.

    Regarding the insurance companies, I meant only the CEO’s.

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