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Mogulus Sucks
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I spent the past 3 hours navigating through shitty Flash code to get my live station on Mogulus to work. Then once I did, I realized that Mogulus AUTOMATICALLY censors text in the chat rooms. This despite my having marked the channel as for over age 17 only. I hate censorship and will work relentlessly to bad mouth those web 2.0 companies that practice it.

Mogulus is shit.


4 Comments to “Mogulus Sucks”

  1. Mark in Detroit says:

    It allows racist remarks. Seems they have chosen what is deemed appropriate in their world.

  2. Father Time says:

    Ridiculous, of course. The audio/ video is uncensored, so why the text???

  3. figgisfiddis says:

    All of you are cuntmats, there’s an option to turn off wordfilter. Regardless, if you spell the word wrong or add a letter extra it’ll bypass the filter.

    All in all, shut the hell up about shit you don’t know chucklefucks.

  4. Noreaga says:

    What is better than Mogulus but with similar features?

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