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Not that Apple cares but I feel like it’s time to state the obvious again.

So last year, you may recall a bit of a fiasco when ios6 was released due to the disastrous new Apple maps app. I’m afraid we may be about to experience something similar with IOS7’s imminent release. They say that insanity is doing the same thing twice and expecting differnt results. Someone needs to tell this to Tim Cook. Apples about to release IO7 with the same shitty maps as last year.

Last year the developer community was partly to blame for the disaster. They didn’t seem to notice nor care that maps sucked during the beta period. The developers had the entire summer to figure it out but they did not. Perhaps developers are more interested in testing then their own code then they are in testing iOS software an end user. Perhaps Apple should consider using a consumer beta program in addition to the developer beta program.

In any case, it’s happening again. The summer has almost passed with IO7 being tested. Come next month, when IOS7 is officially released consumers will be excited to see what’s new and what’s better on the iPHone’s new OS. But they will be bitterly disappointed to find that while the OS got quite a nice facelift and looks quite sharp, the shitty apps map is the same load of bloated shit. Consumers will be outraged and Apple will act as if they had NO IDEA! But who can they fire for this error now that they have already fired Scott Forestal?

And also, why is there STILL no bicycle directions in Apple Maps? Google Maps has had it for years. I thought Apple wants the iPhone to remain the hipster device. WELL HIPSTERS BIKE! Isn’t Apple supposed to be “GREEN” and “with it?” Well, biking is green. Driving is not so green. By not including bike routes in maps Apple is just furthering Samsung’s marketing which is presenting the iPhone as the device for aging child bearing post-Starbucks suburban former hipsters. Not smart.

Samsung will be pleased.

P.S. Apple feel free to hire me if you want some fresh help. I’m at Dev Bootcamp now learning some amazing new skills that I could offer you. You need me. If not me you need fresh ideas from people who aren’t afraid to question you. Steve Jobs was amazing but created a culture of people who are afraid to question authority. That needs to change.


3 Comments to “Apple Insanity”

  1. Veritable Virgo says:

    Great post. I love Apple products, but when it comes to mobile hardware and apps. It’s Android and Google for me at present. I appreciate the quality hardware that Apple delivers, but that MAPS fiasco from iOS6 was just too much for me to ever consider going exclusively Apple. 😉

  2. Shawn says:

    I just use the Googles Maps on iOS. Hopefully, Apple will continue to allow it to exist.

  3. Right but google maps on iOS doesn’t give bike directions. Only google maps android does.

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