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FCPx isn’t AS bad as people are saying… it’s WORSE.
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here are some notes I took while editing a scene for a client just to give you an idea…

UPDATE: To be fair I need to tell you about one feature of FCPx that I love: the new video scopes are amazing and better than I have seen on any other NLE.

fcp x
no audio transitions
no default transition/lenghth
can’t copy past transitionsn or make fave

j cuts horrible

exporting a single frame is so slow- mega slow

hard to work on laptop -too much power consumed not conservative

hard to create templates for bumpers and credits and stuff

totally flat media structure

cant’ dual boot w/o major problems cuz always looks for files in ur movies folder on ur boot drive- very inconsistent

frame export format doesn’t stick- simple thing – just like fcp7 not fixed

rendering for 62 minutes just to export to prores. much longer than media composer

slow beachballs- horrible

64 bit whatever it’s slow like the shitty iapps

and that’s just the begining.
it’s a collosal fuck up by apple. it’s not a work in progress. it’s just a giant turd. it’s a mess. it’s slow clunky, imprecise, and barely useable.

I’m using it on a 17″ 2011 MBP 2.3 quad core i7 and it’s still CLUNKY.

Apple needs to flush this turd and rewrite the REAL FCP in cocoa.

5 Comments to “FCPx isn’t AS bad as people are saying… it’s WORSE.”

  1. I’ve had exactly the opposite experience. The more I get to know it the more I love it.

  2. Well we can’t be friends anymore! 😉

  3. jasper says:

    Bill Streeter is obviously not an editor if he like this crap. Bet he specialises in wedding videos because that’s all fcpx is up to.

  4. jasper says:

    FCPX is probably the worst editing system I have ever used. The only people who seem to like it are non-editors who don;t know what to expect of a NLE system. I know fcpx is cheap, it looks cheap and doesnt have any features worth mentioning. If less time was devoted to analysing footage and sorting shots into MCUs, BCUs etc and more time to operational use, customisability and flexibility, the product might have a future. How Apple can deem to change the fundamental way editors work is unbelievable, the industry has always driven the market not vice versa. If Apple does not do a U-turn on this one, the industry will walk away from them. There are more plenty more NLEs on this planet. Up the anti Avid, now’s your time.

  5. TV is dead says:

    Oh great. The iMovie generation can now claim to be ‘editors’. Professional standing is a mere $199 away … much like the pro-sumer DSLR cameras … now everyone’s a photographer.

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