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here are some notes I took while editing a scene for a client just to give you an idea… UPDATE: To be fair I need to tell you about one feature of FCPx that I love: the new video scopes are amazing and better than I have seen on any other NLE. fcp x no […]

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Just to let you know so you don’t have to spend hours searching for this like I did: You cannot do audio only transitions in FCPX. There is a work around: via @hdedition on Twitter hdedition: @bloatedlesbian Use two seperate Audio layers and indiivdually cross fade the end/beginning of each one. Need workarounds at this […]

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appledeaf Originally uploaded by YeastRadio version 3.03 now of apple’s compressor and it is still maddeningly unreliable. Apple is completely deaf to their customers sometimes. Maybe if Mr. Ive actualy used the software he would design a BEAUTIFUL code for Compressor

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It looks like finally there will be decent color correction in Final Cut.