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The Post-Bush Era

I believe that years from now historians will refer to the time in which we are living as the “Post-Bush Era.” Post-Bush because Bush will be seen as the idiot who fucked up everything. Hopefully there will be another era after this period, but who knows what crazy shit finna happen next?

But it will not be just about Bush. It will also be about The Supreme Court: The Court in 2000 which stopped the democratic process by ordering Florida to stop counting the ballots; The Court which in 2010 (or was it late ’09?) gave our democracy away to foreign countries and as Obama said in his State of the Union address, even to our enemies,

After the 2000 court decision I remember visualizing the crack in The Liberty Bell which I was taken to see on a field trip as a child. The Liberty Bell’s crack, however, meant the opposite of what had just happened, though. My mother explained to me at the time that the bell cracked because people were so happy to have gained independance that they rang the bell so hard that it cracked. I don’t know if that’s true or not, but that’s what my mother told me and I like the story.

This time the crack is literal.


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