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The Health Care Risk Pool

Some things are really fucking obvious, but in America that just means Fox News has more work to do.

In a for-profit healthcare system, such as the one we have now, private insurance companies only insure people with whom they can earn a profit. Therefore, they will not insure high-risk customers.

In such a situation the high-risk patie
nts will be forced into joining the high-risk pool provided by the government.

Since the low risk pool belongs to private industry and the high risk pool belongs to the government, this means the government will go even more broke while private industry gets richer.

Now i know Americans are mostly incapable of critical thought due to a horrible educational system among other reasons. But, isn’t there some way to to get this point across to the masses?

How is it that politicians are able to get away with saying that “Obamacare” is too expensive? Aren’t people making these arguments against them?


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