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Green Consumerism
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The greenest consumer doesn’t consume at all.


3 Comments to “Green Consumerism”

  1. Andy Melton says:

    The greenest consumers are dead because they’re not even consuming air.

  2. Steve Elbows says:

    If I ever get off my ass and start vlogging or blogging properly, the consumption issue will be a main focus. Already the greenwashing of products is starting to reach silly proportions.

    Now, if we all stop consuming everything but the bare essentials suddenly, then everything will collapse. But gradually we have to move towards it, and all signs so far are that we’ve started late and the pace is too slow.

    Most of the technology I like is not compatible with sustainability, due to its built in obsolescence. Right now I want to be consuming, I want to be buying things that will last for 20 years.

    And there is a terrible iron tht the ‘make do and mend’ generations are nearly all dead of old age now, just when we are about to need such skills.

    Digital consumerism is probably better than consuming physical goods, so long as you dont buy a computer every 5 minutes, dont leave it on too much, dont attach it to a huge TV, and dont use it to meet new friends on the other side of the world and jet off to see them every 5 minutes.

    Im guessing for example that downloading music is more efficient than buying it on a cd and all the associated travel. And that video ipods etc will come into their own if more and more people end up on public transport.