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Scripting News:Closed Phone Approach; Press Releases as News
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I agree with Winer here wholeheartedly. The big question is why has Time magazine become one giant ad for Apple? Do they share many board members or interests?

Scripting News: 1/13/2007
I don’t believe for a minute that Jobs’s closed-box approach to cell phones is the right one. Growth is driven by choice. The Internet grew because, for the 80th time, it was the platform with no platform vendor. The Apple II won, the Mac won, the PC won, even Windows won, because you could install any software you wanted on them. The iPod is a wonderful product, but damn it’s time we made one that could run our software, could run any software, so users have choice, and so you don’t have to buy new hardware to get software features, and so the market can grow at the rate of innovation, not at the whim of one marketer.


3 Comments to “Scripting News:Closed Phone Approach; Press Releases as News”

  1. Ditto. I’ve gone from excited to underwhelmed and unwilling to buy in 4 days.

  2. Steve Elbows says:

    Also someone somewhere reckoned that journalists often give Apple an easy ride because they are Mac users. Apple know how to make nice user interfaces and stylish hype, but theyve never shown much of an interest in bucking the status quo from where Im sitting.

  3. Richard,

    Just found your site. I hope you’ll visit mine.