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GIT NOTES AGAIN 9-20-13” title=”GIt TIps”>this link is great for actual tips. what follows is just my notes.

TERMINOLOGY: remote server is REMOTE
local server is ORIGIN????

is it a repo?
git remote -v
git init
check out .git folder with subl for fun
git remote add origin
git remote -v
check git status – see untracked files
git commit -m “initial”
git push -u origin master:master
^ above is local master then remote master

THEN OTHER person–
git clone
checkout -b user_auth
[user_auth is new branch name]
make some changes in branch
git status
git add .gitignore
etc etc just doing updates
update some more
blah blah blah ready to push branch
git push origin user_auth
sends my branch to github
then pull request (on github)
(let team know what code is coming)
back to receiving end- gets pull request
review pull request on github
check commit history
ask questions/make comments on commit in github
press merge pull request on
make a comment
need to update local master to new master from github
git pull
should delete feature branch after merged into master
delete feature branch from remote using guy
then delete feature branch from origin (local)
git branch -d user_auth\
git fetch origin
git merge origin/master
now ready to start new feature branch
never commit to master –
instead commit branch then merge to master
because master is LIVE
see link:


2 Comments to “Git Tips/Notes”

  1. crabhooves says:

    Richard. I’ve been and watching for a long long time now, so I’ve been able to follow your career. You always said your bliss was in video editing. I’m just curious, do you actually like programming? I know you worked in IT for that Christian hospital, but still. I was just wondering whether you enjoy it, whether you always have or if its just an opportunity to work in tech?

    crabvagina / Ben

  2. No, Crabvagina, I just love torturing myself. If you were TRULY paying attention, you would no that about me by now.

    Seriously, though, I do like programming, yes. I”ve been doing it since I successfully begged my parents for an Atari 800 computer 3000 years ago.

    I like it more than video editing. I like it more than videography too. I do NOT, however, love it more than audio broadcasting and podcasting. If I could still make a living doing that, I would. It’s not a bad 2nd choice though, and I really need to earn some money.

    Ethically, the film biz was destroying me. With the web development component added on to my skills, I’ll be able to build things on my own without relying on other people’s expensive skills.

    In podcasting, talent makes no money. Infrastructure makes money. Maybe now I’ll be able to get a piece of the pie while still enjoying myself.

    It’s very challenging but that’s what I need to keep my brain working. I’ve been coasting for too long. Not proofing this btw.

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