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Ragan Fox is Going Celebrity Crazy. I knew this would happen. Fuck.
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ragan: 1. Standing in the concessions line at A
4. Another celebrity sighting: Last night, I was at the Ivy and Olympic ice skating diva Sasha Cohen was seated at the table across from me. She’s gorgeous. Her teeth are strange, like they’re perma-baby teeth. Oh, and she didn’t fall once during her meal!

5. Friday night, John and I had dinner with Tyler, the gay guy from Real World: Key West. Don’t let all the editing and MTV BS fool you. He’s a really intelligent, funny, and kind man. He’s one of my most cerebral LA gal pals.

6. Sorry, one more celebrity at the movies encounter: While feasting at the Arclight café, I saw the guy who played the hook-handed brother on Arrested Development, another one of my favorite sitcoms. Had it been the actor who played Job, I would have bowed down and pleasured the Gods of comedy.

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