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Holocaust Deniers including ex-KKK’er David Duke Descend on Tehran for a Meeting of the ‘Minds’
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Well, this is a sure-fire way to get Europe to hat your country too: My question is why? Iran is obviously provoking the allies. Why?

The foreign ministry had said that 67 foreign researchers from 30 countries were scheduled to take part. Among those speaking today are David Duke, the American white-supremacist politician and former Ku Klux Klan leader, and Georges Thiel, a French writer who has been prosecuted in France over his denials of the Holocaust.Mr. Duke’s remarks late this afternoon are expected to assert that no gas chambers or extermination camps were actually built during the war, on the ground that killing Jews that way would have been much too bothersome and expensive when the Nazis could have used much simpler methods, according to an advance summary of his speech published by the institute.

Speaker Of The Truth: Holocaust Deniers And Skeptics Gather In Iran

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