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More Climate Change Warnings- All Ice could be gone by 2040. That means no more Netherlands; no more Manhatten; no more Miami. Hello? Nintendo Wii?
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A team of scientists from the United States and Canada has found new evidence about the rapid melting of ice in the Arctic.Data presented at a meeting of the American Geophysical Union suggests all year-round ice could disappear by the year 2040.The scientists also believe recent research shows a tipping point which would trigger a rapid melting is fast approaching.Mark Serreze is an Arctic Sea ice specialist with the University of Colorado.”We had always thought, that at least in the early stages of climate warming, that the Arctic sea ice would recover in the autumn,” Mr Serreze said.”After all even with the globally warmed world, winter happens in the Arctic, we’ll still have refreeze of that ice.”But what we’re starting to see is that winter ice is not recovering any more.”We see that at the end of November we have two-million square kilometres less ice than we should have in a typical year.”

Scientists uncover new evidence of Arctic ice melt. 12/12/2006. ABC News Online

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