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Bush’s Christmas Gift to America: Taking more freedoms from us via signing statements.
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I really like this blog CorrentWIre (link at the bottom). We need to make sure the press reports this:

Now that Bush, over Christmas, has used signing statements to grab the power to open our personal mail, what are Pelosi and Reid going to do about it?As usual, Froomkin gets it: Most of the questions about signing statements that I raised in a Nieman Watchdog essay last June still remain unaddressed. Foremost among them: Are these signing statements just a bunch of ideological bluster from overenthusiastic White House lawyers — or are they actually emboldening administration officials to flout the laws passed by Congress? If the latter, Bush’s unprecedented use of these statements constitutes a genuine Constitutional crisis. And what’s the answer we get from our famously free press?***crickets***

Signing statements are the real Constitutional Crisis, John Roberts you stupid tool | CorrenteWire

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