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Fixing the Middle East for Real
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This is the most sensible approach I’ve read to cleaning up the huge mess in the middle east in recent memory:

Solving Iraq, if it can be solved, now means getting real about and engaging in a broad range of Middle East dealmaking between internal groups inside Iraq as well as among its neighbors.It means working to establish the State of Palestine in a manner that maintains the viability and security of both Israel and Palestine. It means offering Syria a Libya-like arrangement out of the international doghouse. It means massaging Iran’s ego in the region without handing the entire Middle East over on a golden platter — which America seems to be doing with its counterproductive strategy. It means figuring out what China and Russia want most in their foreign policy objectives and doing what we can to trade their needs for our own.This all means that we must have an end to diplomacy on the cheap — and national security on the cheap. And a surge in troop levels without a plan, without the other component parts of a credible and believable grand strategy — is sending more soldiers off to die unnecessarily — or to kill Iraqis, many who are absolutely innocent in all this mess and who will no doubt hate the United States for a long time ahead.I cannot attend tomorrow as I am traveling, but there is a picket action that is taking place on Friday at noon in Washington at 1150 Seventeenth Street (near 17th and M Streets) to protest the campaign that Senators John McCain and Joseph Lieberman are launching tomorrow to support President Bush’s call for more troops in Iraq.

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