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Sirius Shows for Week of 01/29/07
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Shows for week of 01/29/07

Monday, 01/29/07    YR523
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Synopsis:  Dieting with Shishaldin. Shishaldin and Madge obsess over their new diets. Madge and Shishie also announce their new combined fight against Vaginal Yeast.

Wednesday 01/31/07  YR524
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Synopsis: Chat with CHeryl Merkowski about her new prolapse web site and housedress fetish. The latest news on cheryl’s and madge’s respective vaginas. Also a brand new prolapse song that’s sure to hit the billboards very soon.

Saturday 02/03/06 YR525
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Synopsis: Quantum Lesbian Whore Hole. Madge takes you on a psychadelic journey that will expand your cuntjuiceness. Not to miss, this one will freak you out if you listen carefully and lay down and close your eyes- unless you’re driving.

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