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Sirius Shows for Week of 02/19/07
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week of feb 19 2007: Yeast Radio

Monday, 2/19/07
from yr531
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Synopsis: Madge reads her version of the F-list, but hers is called the H-list. The Opera Queen calls with lots of operatic drama and gossip. Senators Fenstein and Beiden and why they are turds. Also, Madge makes yogurt with her vagina.

Wednesday, 2/21/07
from yr532
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Synopsis: Mad Dutch Vlogger Michael Schaap is the guest today as Madge talks to him about how fat she is and about Michael’s new vlog co-op,

Saturday, 2/24/07
from yr533
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Synopsis: Trippy voicemails from the Yeast Radio of ten years ago. (Yes, yeast radio actually started in 1997. Thanks to Marcus Couch, I’m able to play those long almost forgotten tapes.)

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