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BBC – BBC THREE – Kill It, Cook It, Eat It
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BBC – BBC THREE – Kill It, Cook It, Eat It:

Do you ever find yourself indulging in a meat feast and wondering how the animal made its way to your plate?

Presenter Richard Johnson is here to bring together the two key moments that are usually separated in our lives and minds: the death of the animal and the eating of its meat.

In each programme, we trace the journey of one animal from its life on the farm to its fate at a small working abattoir. At the abattoir, a group of specially invited people, from vegetarians to meat enthusiasts, will witness the slaughter.

They’ll also see how the carcass is prepared, with our butcher breaking it down and explaining the different cuts of meat. Our chef Rachel Green will then demonstrate what to do with them.

Once the meal is ready, the audience is invited to taste the meat. But after witnessing the entire process, will they have the stomach for it?

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