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John Aravosis has gotten the beltway brainwash.
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I find absolutely no creditability in people who always take the party line, whether democrat, republican or whatever.

How can someone actually defend Clinton’s horrible record on gay rights?

What Halitosis failed to mention is that his biggest anti-gay act was also an anti human act and is the reason I did not vote for him to have a second term: He fired Surgeon General Jocyln Elders. Clinton wilted to fundamentalists lobbying to fire her because she wanted to give out condoms in school to prevent AIDS. Think of the lives that could have saved if we actually educated our kids about AIDS in a reasonable way.

Atrocious writes:

“So any gay Republican who has a problem that we haven’t had any great gay rights successes at the federal level in 12 years need go only in search of the nearest mirror in order to find who’s to blame. “

The way that he ASSuMEs that anyone who agrees with the above statement proves that he is seeing it all in black and white. Typical of people who are stuck in the NYtimes, lib-blogger echo chamber.

I didn’t read a peep from Mentholyptis when that uterus democrat Feinstein and Biden tried to make net broadcasts/podcasts subject to pay protection money to the RIAA. You’d think he would stand up for fellow citizen journalists. Nope. Can’t say anything bad about a Democrat.

I’m sorry but this way of thinking is very 90’s and very retarded. Government and politics are about principles, despite the constant repetition by pretty much everyone in this country that “all politicians are corrupt.” That’s bullshit.

People who have principles stick up for principles, not people.

Clinton did some good things and some bad things. I happen to think that the bad outweigh the good. And I am a far left democrat.

Oh, and by the way, Mr. Expialidocious, We gay people do not bear the burden of having to prove why we should have the exact same rights as straight people have in the consitution. Yes, we have to fight for it, but nobody and I mean nobody has the right to blame gays, no matter which of the broad spectrum of political parties (not really) he/she chooses.

Not even you are to blame, Mr. Precocious.


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